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Boosting Investment Horizons

Mshk is a specialist investment advisor and operator for UK residential and commercial real estate.

We work in partnership with family offices, insurance companies, fund managers, private equity firms, housing associations and developers.

Our services encompass the whole property investment cycle: sourcing, financial analysis and reporting, development, tenanting, asset management and disposal.

We have a particular specialism in the UK affordable housing sector, with extensive experience in creating commercial:social partnerships within our network of highly regulated Housing Associations.

The principal investment strategies deployed are Value Add and Core Plus, to unlock and enhance real estate value and investment returns.

Invest better together

Uniting investment & social values

Sell your property

Our qualified investor client base is international and can provide scale capital.

We have a reputation for executing and delivering upon with speed, certainty and professionalism.

  • Housing associations – Capitalise on your property portfolio which requires retro-fitting and which you would like to lease post-retrofitting
  • Developers – Dispose of property on sites discreetly without affecting your normal selling price. Gain bulk sales and cut sales and marketing costs.
  • Individual vendors – Gain certainty and speed of sale

Scale and speed

We have scale capital, can transact with speed and professionalism

Investment returns

Our target investor returns are a minimum of 16% + IRR,1.5 return on equity


Our extensive network of developers and Housing Associations enables access to lucrative investment opportunities, many of which are exclusive to us and off-market.


Our 20 years+ experience in commercial, residential and social real estate, enables our investors and vendors to benefit from our expert advice and service


revealed that 42% of buy-to-let landlords intend to expand their property portfolio at some point in 2023. If you’re looking to buy or invest in UK property, there are a lot of factors to consider, with location remaining a strong deciding factor for many homebuyers and property investors.

With regional areas experiencing property price growth above that of London’s Prime Central market, buyers and investors are choosing a more diverse range of locations for their property search.

For those interested in the best places to invest in property in the UK, this raises several important questions. Firstly, where are the best places to invest in UK property in 2023? Furthermore, if you’re identifying where to invest, what should you be looking for?

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